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Our primary goal is to elevate the lacrosse community across Whatcom County and provide every opportunity to discover, learn, participate in, enjoy, and ultimately embrace the shared passion and positive change that our Lacrosse experience brings to life.

Through our core values of Character, Attitude, Valor, and Scholar



The game is the starting point; it drives positive changes in behavior, reflection, and decision-making for the player, the team, the coach, and the club. 

We learn by doing; evaluating, analyzing, and reflecting on our experiences helps develop competency, poise, and confidence. We can apply those to everything we do both on and off the field through the application of the lessons we learned during the process.

We train our players how to be gritty and work to reach their goals. We are unapologetic about demanding the best from them, and, in turn, having them demand the best from themselves, their teammates, and our coaches. It’s all about coaching for the game and for life.


Contact Us North County Lacrosse

Contact Us North County Lacrosse

PO Box 915, Lynden, WA 98264